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France is one of the most popular destinations in the world. The many charms of its heritage deserve to be clearly and flatteringly described for English-speaking visitors.Tourism is a true translation specialization, and outclassing the competition requires a solid background.I have a long-standing working relationship with the Michelin guides, as well as with a large number of tourist boards, museums, hotels and all sorts of other tourism service providers.


Fashion and perfume

Dior, Lacroix, Gaultier... French haute couture has produced many a legend and remains cutting-edge. 

The perpetual movement of the French fashion scene is closely followed by its English-speaking clientele, an ever-expanding market.

Some of the top names in high fashion, perfumes and leather goods have chosen me as their translator.


Wine and spirits

Wine has its own language, full of poetry and feeling.

The same can be said for other emblematic French products such as cognac and champagne.
Wine and spirits are some of the best vehicles for the French way of life and are easy to appreciate.

The translation of their communication must be as refined and exquisite as a glass of rosé wine enjoyed on a sunny terrace.


Gourmet food

Wherever you go, the French tradition is synonymous with delicious food.

The French culinary arts have everything to gain by being exported and shared with the rest of the world.

Unfortunately, all too often the subtle nuances needed to appreciate the value of these outstanding products, and the finesse of the expert hands that prepare them, get lost in translation.

I understand the delicate nature of this field and describe French food with a loving touch.


Watches and jewelry

Ultra-modern watches, designer jewelry: in these fields, the importance of image is not so accessory. 

A high level of translation excellence is required to reflect  the precision of technical achievement and the beauty of the products themselves.

The finest names in the Geneva area have confided their translations to my care.

International business

Marketing, “b to b”, training...

The image of a business depends on the quality of its communication.

My language services are available to you, whatever your field, for all means of communication.

Please feel free to contact me for any information or a free quote.

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